UP Coffee

Coffee, the bitter drink that most morning's people enjoy it to start their day. For some people, coffee is an energy boost to wake up. For others, coffee is an addiction. Some people drink an impossibly large amount of coffee each day. In fact, the Netherlands ranks the third for the Coffee Consuming Country. The Dutch, the world's biggest drinkers, drink almost two and a half cups per day on average, according to estimates by market research firm Euromonitor.

It is no secret that caffeine fuels many of us. However, a long-term caffeine consumption can dangerously lead our health at the risks like heart attacks and high blood pressure. Most people know that caffeine has negative side effects, but they prefer to ignore the facts and stick to their caffeine addiction. Hence, this contradicting coffee matters led Jawbone in creating latest health tracking app, UP Coffee. This app records your daily intake of coffee, tea, Coke, and other beverages, as well as gives health insights. This isn't just a coffee-tracker, but a caffeine app, so in addition, any energy drinks consisted caffeine should be logged to this app.

UP Coffee estimates when the caffeine will wear off. For example, when you might be able to fall asleep. The app works together with Jawbone Up band, but if you don't have UP band, you still can use the app by manually logging your personal information like sex gender and weight. UP Coffee is free and currently available only for iPhone users.