Distributor Testimonials

Nikkie | 34 years old

As a little girl, I always dreamed of owning my own store, but the big risks and the feeling of being stuck between 4 walls have always kept me from realizing my dream. Beyuna’s business model offers me the opportunity to make my dream a reality after all without the traditional worries and it combines perfectly with our family of three young kids and other activities.

Jeff | 62 years old

I grew up during a time of stability and security with clear structures. Work for 40 years then retire at 65! After yet another reorganisation the atmosphere at work got worse. I resigned, as I didn’t want to work this way. Fortunately, I came across Beyuna. I had to get used to the idea of being self-employed, but wouldn’t want it any other way now! I enjoy working again and have great people around me. I completely agree with Beyuna’s ambition!

Ingrid | 45 years old

After 24 years in education I chose to be self-employed as I was ready for more freedom and to choose the people I work with. Beyuna offered me opportunities and I have since found out network marketing fits me like a glove. Doing fun things and talking to people is what I do now!

Michael | 29 years old

Beyuna is business and fun. Online entrepreneurship with fun people, working together and networking (affiliate marketing). It fits in easily around my hospitality job.

Ellen | 48 years old

The business is very simple; thanks to Beyuna I dare to dream again. Before starting with Beyuna we didn’t dare to dream any more. Before the crisis we had dreams, but those would never have been realised. We now raise our children with the message that anything you want to achieve in life is possible!