Testimonial Lloyd & Anja

Together with Anja van der Wiel, I launched the company CareLess Nederland a few years ago.

CareLess develops residences (apartments) for senior citizens in various towns in the Netherlands. We also offer services and products so that senior citizens and people with disabilities can live at home for as long as possible.

CareLess has been involved with Beyuna from day one. We have always aimed to integrate our Beyuna Business with our other activities. This means that from the outset, we made a deliberate choice to address a specific target demographic (senior citizens) along with Beyuna.

We were recently promoted from “Mars” to “Jupiter”. This happened because some building projects are now underway, meaning that we’re a step closer to achieving our mission and funds became available allowing us to make bigger investments.
We now have the chance to “sample” more people, which means it’s also easier to invite guests along to Beyuna presentations and events.

We’ve made ourselves a promise not to miss any more Beyuna events that come up in the future. For us, that means that we have to keep on “performing”. As well as a lot of networking, we’re going to continue attending fairs and seminars, as well as sporting events where we have a presence with our Beyuna products.