Testimonial Linda

I am Linda Vandenberghe, 55 years old and together with my husband Danny we have been living in Switzerland for about nine years. I was no longer on the labor market for eight years, all those years I was financially dependent on my husband, which has given a huge blow to my self-confidence. I felt I didn't want to grow old like this. I was looking for a purpose back in my life, but I did not yet know which path to take. Until I met Ria de la Haye on a sunny November day, this meeting changed my life completely.

I heard about Beyuna and the opportunity to build an independent business for the first time. It sounded a bit too good to be true to me until I had the opportunity to attend a PG day. I met so many great people that day, I got all the information I was looking for and I thought “well… what a cool business this is!” This was my chance for a fresh start. It was a huge challenge for me, but in January 2020 I took the plunge and started as Jupiter.

What appeals to me in Beyuna is that I can build up my own income again and contribute to our pension. The amazing quality of the Beyuna supplements also gives me a safe feeling that I can offer them to young and old. This business has greatly increased my social life. What I also find unique is that all information can be found in our cloud office and the e-learning. The business presentations help you build your business successfully. The informative information from my upline Laura van Schelt always gives me a boost and keeps me one step further in my development in building my career.

Thanks to Beyuna I am a self-confident woman again, I work with great colleagues from which friendly bonds have grown.