Testimonial Klaas & Epke

With a storage company, fiber optic network, the purchase and sale of Mercedes young and old timers, and a shop in home decorations, we thought we were future proof. But then Beyuna came by. Exactly at the moment that Epke thought she had been somewhat recovered from something that is popularly called a burnout.

Epke was already taking supplements, but received some samples from Carole. She got even better and that naturally creates confidence. After a presentation, Epke was so enthusiastic about Paul and the compensation plan, Klaas had to hear this too. As an entrepreneur you of course recognize when someone has had sales training and you also know when someone speaks from the heart. That appealed to us, just like the revenue model.

During an opportunity meeting you get to hear more than you actually remember. We were at least triggered on a few points to do something with it. Initially for Epke, so that she could become top fit again. In addition to shaking people up to get out of the leaky boat where doctors and hospitals prefer prescribing antidepressants. That has to be done differently and the more Epke recovered, the more we started to see that not only Epke, but I too am the one who has to wake people up.

The more you hear about Beyuna's mission, the more things will fall into place. More beautiful than delivering a car or flower arrangement is of course offering people with chronic complaints things that decrease their pain. Then also offer someone the opportunity to do the business, but without the stress of starting a company and everything that comes with it. Believe us, that sometimes drives you crazy. If we ensure that people around us become fitter, but also become financially fit, isn't that a win-win situation? When they become successful and start earning money, we receive royalties and that is three times a win situation, right? If Beyuna becomes a major player, we can also kick in doors and make a difference in this world.

"If we can ensure that people around us become fitter, but also become financially fit, isn't that a win-win situation?"

Life is beautiful, if you have the right people around you. With a network of positive people you can handle the whole world. In the beginning, we were surprised that in fact everyone within the Beyuna "family" were on the same line. Soon we realized that in this world there still are people who stand up for sincerity and put human welfare first by means of information, a fair product and a business model that is not only useful to you, but also your children or family.

In the beginning we had some difficulty telling that it is a network marketing company, because it was given a wrong name by money-focused parties in the past. But this is really 2.0 and we asked ourselves critical questions and always came up with the following points:

  1. We offer people a great product that can improve your health considerably

  2. Can you then earn 35% from it? Others earn more with a less good product or service

  3. When someone recoveres, becomes enthusiastic and starts talking about it, they can become a business partner and therefore healthy & wealthy!

  4. As soon as that person becomes successful through our support, we will again receive royalties.

Then our conclusion is: everyone is happy! We are doing well and dare to talk about it without looking or blushing!