Testimonial Karin & Marcel

Five months ago, June 2019, we started as a distributor at Beyuna. The total company, the quality of the products, the warm contacts and the possibilities that Beyuna offers make it seem much longer.

It is also interesting to tell other people and to be able to experience it. This creates an active way of propagating what we already knew all along. The coaching we receive from the Beyuna Academy and Joost and Liz sets us in a positive motion.

We have been working with nature for 12 years with the young people who “stay on our farm” with us. Taking care of the landscape, vegetable garden, animals, food, and care are our daily activities. Nature as a therapy. The unconditionality, transformation, and the continuing to give, gives the youngsters who are stuck, a second chance in terms of trust, self-reliance and future prospects.

We have discovered for ourselves that we can be self-determining when it comes to our health.

We have been able to replace synthetic medicines with all their side effects with natural supplements without side effects. We can now pass this on to others so that more and more people benefit from our knowledge and experience.

We are very interested in the training and coaching when it comes to making a business plan and following something that was in our nature and custom but could not yet be translated commercially. With confidence and excitement, we embark on the adventure and hope through our network and friends, but also with new people, to raise awareness of the possibilities that Beyuna can and wants to offer everyone when it comes to health and autonomy.