Testimonial Janine Harshagen

My name is Janine Harshagen from Leeuwarden. I am a single mother. After working for a long time for the COA as manager of an asylum seekers' centre I gave this up in 2011.

In mid-2011 I took a course. I was finally free to do what I wanted. I am now a naturopathic therapist and advise many people about their diet and nutritional supplements.

In addition, I specialise in treating people with mental health issues such as stress and burnout, anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem.

In March of this year when I met Belkis, who introduced me to the Beyuna products, I was very impressed with the range. What fantastic products! I have immersed myself in all brands of nutritional supplements, in the Netherlands and abroad, but Beyuna is really "the best".

"In addition, the business model is very well organised and offers great opportunities for growth"

I have now been a distributor of Beyuna for more than six months. I use the products myself and I love them. I have now built up a customer base and I see very good results with my customers who use the products.

And then about the business model: I am not that interested in money. But having some is much better than not having any. The earning model offers me a chance to do what I want. Building a network is fun, but I think of it more as a hobby. I enjoy it very much. In short: Beyuna is it for me.

In Friesland I work with a couple of people. We have formed a "core team" of 4 people and set up a number of activities with that group. In addition, we provide training for new distributors and this way the network is growing quickly.

I focus on the health of my customers, but I am also building my network, together with my colleagues, and I expect my network will continue to grow!