Testimonial Eveline

Those who know me know that I worked at child day care and knew nothing about business. That network marketing is a profession has now become clear to me.

Gaining experience, attending a trade fair, holding ZOYA workshops for future customers and distributors and weighing people with the Tanita scales.

I think its really great!

It is important to attend the Company presentations, the Paul Gebbink Day and the International Beyuna Business Day. This made the earnings model clearer to me.

The support of the people around me gave me the (self) confidence to take the big step. And now the time has come: invested, and proud that I am a Jupiter!

My next goal will be achieved faster.
Full-time Beyuna!

And with my husband giving up work in a few years' time, obviously enjoying and building towards our future.
Going travelling is still just a dream but WE WILL DO!

We wish Eveline great success with her business.