Testimonial Belkis

My name is Belkis Gutierrez, mother of one daughter, grandmother of two grandchildren and partner of Chris. I come from Cuba, where I worked in Finance and Accounting. From an early age, I have always had my own business and that was why I took up the job of a beautician. In 2012, I had to stop giving beauty treatments because of tremors in my hands and a trapped nerve in my neck due to wear and tear that sometimes caused my hands and head to shake. I had worn my arms out.

I started with Beyuna because I saw the opportunities in what I was looking for: an international business with good returns and freedom.

I didn't want any more staff, trainees, accounting, inventory and the pressure from laws and regulations associated with the traditional business world. And I found that Beyuna fitted the bill perfectly. It is wonderful to go to bed without any worries.

In January this year, I decided to go to the Training Center every Tuesday. After practicing daily, listening to experts and focusing on working with Beyuna; after having received proper information and experiencing a transparent and honest relationship with my new business partners, I can see good results.

I am very happy with my new business partners. It's wonderful to talk about business partners instead of staff: we are a real team and do a lot together.

How do I inspire my new business partners?

• I discuss everything with them in person or by phone

• I explain everything they don't know

• I take them along to the starters meeting

• I tell them to join the Training Center

• I take them along to trade fairs

• We organize events and workshops together

• We watch the inspirational movie about MLM together

• We sit around the table together once a week, we evaluate, practice, organize new orders and prospects and much more

• We always having fun together and working together, laughing or crying and talking about things that are not part of Beyuna; we all have a life outside Beyuna

How do I do it? What's my secret with Beyuna?

• I am always open to learn from the experts how they have done it, even if I think I know it all,

• I focus on what to do with the products The products are the tools to work with and use; I know from experience that they are top products and that I can recommend these to anyone

• I use the products every day; as a result, I feel better and I also perform better

• I never think about how much I can or will earn

• I am not interested in negative people and negative stories; I remain positive, even if things don't go well

• I wish everyone well, even if they treat me badly or unfairly

My goal at Beyuna is to organize a team of 1000 business partners who would like to use our unique nutritional supplements and who will want to share the good results with everyone.

I am very proud and happy with my Beyuna MLM business. Beyuna is in my heart and I speak from the heart to anyone about Beyuna.