Testimonial: André

Having worked as a physical therapist at the Olympics, World Cup Soccer Final, World Championships Track & Field and having treated many World- and Olympic Champions in six different sports as a consultant or as their main therapist, I always realized the value of nutritional supplementation. The issue is, where do you find really good ones?

I know Paul Gebbink, the product developer of the Beyuna products, for the last 35 years and I was impressed that at age 23 he was already developing nutritional products together with a cardiologist. It is his passion to do everything in the best way possible and thus it was logical for me to try the products myself, sample it to others, and start a distributorship with Beyuna. It has been a fantastic journey.

Although I’m still working full-time as a physical therapist, about one-third of our income is now from the Beyuna business.

Kathy and I are very excited about the fact that since December 2018, we are able to build the business here in the States. The culture of our organization will be based on changing people’s lives by developing great relationships, people helping each other in achieving maximum health and staying focused on creating residual income and thus financial freedom.

Based on the past and the present results of building this business, we believe in the next few years I will be able to work exactly the amount of hours per week I want to work as physical therapist. Kathy and I will to continue to build the Beyuna business in the United States by enjoying helping others make their dreams come true.