A lot of social media users like to use a location-based feature on their social media account. Foursquare was once a popular location-based social network linked to Facebook. Now, Foursquare did a bold move by creating a new similar app with lot of added features. Swarm takes all the social features of Foursquare, adds more fun features, and puts them all in their own standalone app. Swarm has a playful and colorful design features, which allows you to discover new places to go and meet up with new friends. The app is connected with Facebook, so you don't need to make a new account anymore.

Swarm is all about meeting up with new friends. You just need to check in and share your location with your friends. Whether location sharing is on or off, you can always tap the map pin icon on the right to check into a specific Foursquare location. The app will guess where you want to check in based on your location, but you can tap the "Change location" button to pick a different spot.

The other way Swarm helps you get together with friends is with the planning feature. Instead of inviting other friends to do something, the app allows you can to make a plan and share it to see if others want to join. Friends can comment on the plan, or simply tap the "I'm interested" button to let you know they'd want to join. Swarm also includes stickers, which you can use when you check in to express your mood. The app gives you six stickers in the beginning, and you can unlock more as you check into more places. The app is available for iPhone and Android users.