Beyuna Starters experiences

My name is Rick Kole and I am 24 years old. A few months ago I was approached by Beyuna. The concept and products appealed to me. I had actually opened my own clothing shop a year previously, and had plans to open a second shop in Goes. So, I actually had no time to engage in a completely different activity. But my belief in the products and business model was so strong that I did not want to let it go, so I started with the minimum amount.

My second shop in Goes actually opened in March of this year. Despite all the pressure it entailed I successfully got two other persons interested in Beyuna. I let the products do the talking, so they were quickly convinced. With the help of Marianne in my upline and Paul Gebbink we were able to give all the attention and information needed to help Jacolien, Ronnie, Laura, and Rob consider carefully. After that, they joined at the highest level. Due to this great result, I also ended up on the highest level and got invited to the incentive. We had a fantastic afternoon/evening and were completely spoiled!

I have recently been able to add Jelle to my team. He is now part of our team from Zeeland, with whom we meet up and evaluate on a weekly basis. This really works and we help each other enlarge and strengthen the team further.