Nike+ Running

As the weather is getting warm, a lot of runners are getting on fire running on the trails. Whether they're out for a casual afternoon jog or training for an upcoming competition. Many will carry smartphones and take advantage of one of many running and fitness apps designed to motivate running.

Some runners find Nike+ Running is a perfect choice because the app tracks all running activities as well as get motivated at the same time. The app records all kind of running activities, from rough running tracks to the treadmill in the gym. The app is well-designed and has the core functions that work well. The main page of the Nike+ Running app has the upper part of the user interface divided into two sections: Home and Run. The Home button features options such as Activity, Challenge Me and Shop Nike (Nike's store). The main idea behind all options on home button is that to surpass previous/ best running activity and track activities to see our progress. The Run section instantly put us on the running track.

The Nike+ Running has helpful motivation on it, such as music and cheering. Music is the biggest motivator. The app is compatible with the smartphone music library. Before running, users can choose the music through the app, ranging from a playlist to 'all songs'. The app also has a preference, which Nike refers to 'PowerSongs'. When the Nike+ Running senses a runner is slowing down, it will automatically change the music to one of the PowerSongs, using music to push the runner. Once the users are back at the average pace, the app goes back to playing the general music choice. Users are able to share their run activities via social networks and ask for supports from friends and family. The Nike+ Running app is available for Apple and Android users for free.