Newsletter september

Indian summer is here, which means we are not saying goodbye to summer yet, but we are in transition. Do you have trouble with change or are you able to surrender? Change is the only constant and the past six months underscores this statement. So challenge yourself and train your adaptability! Try something new this month, such as a different approach or perspective, and step out of your comfort zone. To achieve something you've never achieved, you have to do something you've never done. Good luck this month! Are you joining the opportunity livestream on Sunday 6 September?

Opportunity meeting live stream 6 September

Every other week there will be an English opportunity meeting livestream on Sunday. The next one is scheduled on Sunday 6 September 8.00 PM CEST Amsterdam time. View the stream via Cloud Office and invite guests and prospects via the link: Personalize the link by adding your URL: https://[yourpersonalURL] The next livestream is scheduled on 20 September!

Testimonial: Marleen & Martin

Hello, my name is Marleen van Schaik and I have been a distributor at Beyuna with my husband Martin Winkel for almost three years now, but I have only really been active (part-time) for less than a year because of training and I also started sparring with other colleagues. And that has paid off, both as a distributor and in personal growth. By investing and organizing we have grown from Mercury to Jupiter.

Our first PentaProBeyuna team meeting is now a fact! It’s great to work with enthusiastic Beyuna distributors. PentaPro is our company in which we support and guide organizations and individuals in the field of vitality and sustainable employability. The products of Beyuna fit in perfectly. With Beyuna we supply honest and natural products that benefit everyone. In addition, the compensation plan appeals to us. Our pension in particular is a thing.

We have already achieved our goal of becoming Jupiter this year. Sow, learn, sow, learn and don't give up. That works. The goal was clear, but most of all I was growing personally and Beyuna was the carrier. Now on to the next goal: build a great team and let them grow, and sign up 3-4 more distributors on Mercury position or higher next year.

See you soon at one of the Beyuna meetings online (and preferably again physically as soon as possible)

Winners announced!

Incentive June, July and August

The incentive months are over and the winners are known. Congratulations to everyone who passed the incentive and the new Jupiters are also cordially invited! You are going to have dinner at Paul & Els in Zwaanshoek on 16 September with an exciting activity!

These are the winners:

Joep & Ineke Mathot

Epke & Klaas de Poel

Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

Elles van Paassen

Marianne & Gert-Jan Coumou

Mia & Adrie Kuzee

Marga de Wit

Ingrid de Rover & Marc Paats

Joost & Liz Boers

Vanessa Mambi

Janine Harshagen

Hans Peter Dijkhuizen & Arina van Helden

Carla Boone

Rik Heijink

Pauline Hartman

Sonja Serlui

Ria van Kleef & Jos de Jong

And the new Jupiters are also invited:

Andrea Kieskamp

Tjitske Batema

Karin Lepelaars & G de Haas

Maaike & Peter Sebregts

Birgit & Jaap Wagensveld


New IncentiveJune, July and August

In the months of June, July and August a total of 9000cv must be achieved with a minimum of 2000cv per month and a registered distributor at a minimum Mercury level purchasing 1500cv directly from Beyuna. Good luck!