Newsletter July

Summer has arrived and in The Netherlands the measures have been adjusted as of 1 July! We can go back to the gym and we can meet and eat with larger groups. We immediately took the opportunity and organized a double incentive because of the previously canceled incentives of March and June. The winners dined wonderfully at the Michelin star restaurant Het Roode Koper on the Veluwe. Those who had achieved both incentives also stayed overnight in the luxury hotel. An impression and word from CEO Lucas IJsbrandy in this newsletter! Furthermore: the notification numbers for Belgium, many new distributors and a testimonial from Jan Keizer.

Winners Awards 2019

At Beyuna we value appreciation. Just like having fun together and having a party. That is why we have an award ceremony every year during our 2 Day College and anniversary. The college in March had to be canceled, but we presented the awards to the winners anyway last week. Watch our Top 5 Sales and Top 5 Earners of 2019 and read their stories here!

Opportunity meeting live stream July 12

Every other week there will be an English company presentation livestream on Sunday which you can view from home. The next one is scheduled on Sunday July 12 8.00 PM CEST Amsterdam time. View the stream via Cloud Office and invite guests and prospects via the link: Personalize the link by adding your URL, for example: https://[yourpersonalURL]

Notification numbers Belgium

Food supplements that meet the Belgian standards are assigned a notification number. Notification numbers prove that the products have been lawfully marketed, based on mutual recognition of goods. This creates clarity and opportunities for other EU Member States. The products below are now approved for the Belgian market and are therefore registered there.

Beyuna Omega 3 NUT_AS 2876/4

Beyuna Greens PL_AS 2876/7

Beyuna Magnesium NUT 2876/2

Beyuna Natuurlijke Vitamine C PL 2876/3

Beyuna Vita NUT_PL_AS 2876/6

Beyuna FLX PL_AS 2876/8

Beyuna Q10 PL_AS 2876/11

Beyuna Power PL_AS 2876/13

The other products are still being processed.

Huge increase in new distributors

In the months of March through May we welcomed a lot of new distributors. Compared to last year, an increase of 329 percent! We are very proud! Welcome again to all the new faces!

Testimonial: Jan Keizer

My name is Jan Keizer, 42 years old and living in Emmen. Previously a professional marine and top athlete and still active in various sports. I work as a personal trainer and I am a physical resilience trainer for staff who have to deal with aggression and violence in the workplace. In addition, I guide traumatized youth to get a regulation in behavior through physical training.

The main reason why I started Beyuna is to secure our future financially and to stop working as an employee at the age of 57. Of course we will remain active. The second reason is that I have finally found products that are maximally absorbed into the body without synthetic auxiliaries, coloring and fillers. I will continue to use it and remain enthusiastic about this line of products. As an athlete I know better than anyone how important nutrition is and also supplementation. I fully support Beyuna products. I use all supplements every day.

The third reason is to make people aware of the business opportunities that Beyuna has to offer. Health is the most important thing there is. The rest is only an afterthought and a financial buffer is a bonus to look to the future. An inherited income is also pleasant for the children. Really a nice thought. Top product, top colleagues, top company!

When I think of success I think of the following lines that the most inspiring bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger told in a speech to inspire others and that I fully support:

“Trust Yourself.

Break some rules.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Ignore the naysayers.

Work like hell.

Give something back.”

I would like to thank Dennis and Lotte Verhoeven because they approached me via LinkedIn in the past year. Paul and Lucas and many others also wish a lot of success with this international company. I'm in the picture here with my sweet daughter Ginger. She was the one who posted a call on LinkedIn for me regarding other job searches. She’s a winner!

QPO (Qua Patet Orbis)

Incentive June, July and August

In the months of June, July and August a total of 9000cv must be achieved with a minimum of 2000cv per month and a registered distributor at a minimum Mercury level purchasing 1500cv directly from Beyuna. The first month is over. Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

The distributors who are still in the race:

Epke & Klaas de Poel

Birgit & Jaap van Wagensveld

Maaike & Peter Sebregts

Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

Mia & Adrie Kuzee

Pauline Hartman

Janine Harshagen

Ingrid de Rover & Marc Paats

Pien Cornelissen & Eric van Dijen

Carla Boone

Henk & Karin Sloot

Linda Vandenberghe & Danny Benoot

Marga de Wit

Karin Vermeer & Marcel Looman

Stardigo BV

Wilma van der Does

Desiree & Wibi Muljono

Joost & Liz Boers

Ingrid van der Kuijl

Josephien van den Brink & Henk Fransen

Getty Holthuis & Oeds Witteveen

Henk Klein Hesselink & Ellen Bauhuis

Omni Vita

Frank Bosch

Marianne en Gert-Jan Coumou

Joep & Ineke Mathot

Ria van Kleef & Jos de Jong

Wilfred Uleman & Monique Snepvangers

Erica Pool & Patrick Meure

Vanessa Mambi

Sonja Serlui

WBG E-Marketing

Sandra & Mike Deira

Renny de Boer & Bert Tjoelker

Elles van Paassen

Ellen & Leon Adriaanse

Eric & Edith Meelhuysen

Laura & Ben Meijland

Dennis & Lotte Verhoeven

Josita & Gerard van der Does

Alfonso Mastropietro & Daniela Carella

Jacqueline & John de Wit

Eveline Thirij - de Wit

Lee and Dalanda Frye

Carole van der Harst

Carla Thierry & Veronika Simonett

Lobke Opsteen & Leno Biemans

Loekie & Tom Waaldijk

Greg Chudacoff

Heribey BV

Yvonne & Remco Terpstra

Jurre Zwagemakers

André & Kathy van Commenée

Good luck!

CEO Lucas IJsbrandy about

the 'Double' Incentive July 1 - Het Roode Koper

"How nice to see each other again in person! That was the greatest common denominator of this double organized Beyuna Incentive. Double because of the winners of two past Incentive periods. Even more doubly because those who obtained both incentives were allowed to spend the night at Beyuna's expense.

It is nice to share and celebrate successes together. Looking back on a special Corona period where many of us have found that creativity and the need for a plan B, made many accelerate in the Beyuna performance under the special circumstances.

Beyuna realized a very good growth in numbers of new distributors over this period and the growth in revenue kept pace. For many a process of “learning by doing”. The joy over the results achieved was clearly visible on everyone's face. A distributor proudly said that she has now understood that doing in a predetermined direction (goal) and not being fooled (consistency) has been an indescribable experience. Her Beyuna penny has dropped. "I now know how to do it and it has been the lesson of my life."

A super fun evening with a fantastic dinner. Every course was a surprise! Nicely laid out plates, delicious dishes with matching wines. A new experience, a nice memory. Ingrid said, "Look, you should save these incentives now, you don't want to miss this!" At the same time, it is also your focus on the growth of your organization.

Of course, thanks again Els for all the arrangements and organize up to the very last moment, when something always changes. It was a lot of work, especially in the present time, but amazing that it has become such a great event. "