Newsletter December

The final month of 2020 has arrived and that also means that this is the last distributor newsletter of the year. The incentive period is over and the winners of the incentive on December 16 are announced. Furthermore, a sneak peek of the Zoya Holiday 2020 collection and a testimonial from Ellen van der Laan. We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in 2021!

Beyuna e-learning

Course 1 - Starting your business

It is our great pride: the Beyuna e-learning! Last year we launched the e-learning in Dutch, but Beyuna also has many international distributors and that is why we have been working on translating the online course in recent months. From now on our e-learning in English is available to our distributors in Europe! We are also busy with the e-learning for the United States! To be continued...

The e-learning is accessible via:

Benvenuta a Beyuna Italia!

It is now also possible to register distributors in Italy! Beyuna is active worldwide. We have customers all over the world and distributors can be registered in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, America and from now on also in ITALY! The website is currently only available in English in Italy.

Opportunity meeting

live stream 13 December

Every other week there will be an English opportunity meeting livestream on Sunday. The next one is scheduled on Sunday 13 December 7.00 PM CET Amsterdam time. View the stream via Cloud Office and invite guests and prospects via the link: Personalize the link by adding your URL: https://[yourpersonalURL] The next livestream is scheduled on December 27!


Zoya Holiday 2020 collection

The new Zoya Holiday 2020 winter collection 'Intriguing' will arrive any time now. Prepare yourself for 12 festive and rich colors!



My name is Ellen van der Laan. I am married and I have 2 sons, 4 bonus children and 3 (bonus) grandchildren. I worked for 32 years as a specialist nurse on the ambulance and in the emergency room. I have been the owner of the GHAAV beauty salon in Almere for 10 years now, where I also offer foot reflexology therapy in addition to beauty treatments. In recent years, I have also focused on coaching in mirroring. My goal with my company is to teach women to take good care of themselves by addressing both the inside and the outside.

Due to a fateful event in my past, caring for others became a common thread in my life. I used to put myself in second, third or even last place. After being dismissed due to reorganization and having become deaf in one ear, I had a difficult time. And when my youngest son of 18 years old at that time went into assisted living, I ended up in a burnout.

Because help from psychologists and social workers came to nothing with previous intense experiences in my life, I started to approach it differently. I went to seek help from a NEI (Neuro Emotional Integration) therapist and started working with mirror coaching. I found that caring for others was in my subconscious system. Taking good care of myself first remains a challenge for me, but I’m getting better at it.

In my salon I already worked with nutritional supplements specially made for beauticians. These would be 100% natural, but unfortunately this turned out not to be the case. The account manager of care products I work with advised me to contact Sonja, so I did. I am very happy that Sonja and Beyuna came my way. Everything has now accelerated and I have now terminated the lease of my business premises. For now I will continue working from home, but eventually I want to focus more and more on Beyuna. I see Beyuna as a wonderful part of my personal growth process. I am finally putting myself first. And yes, that means that I will make money.

With the help of my husband I have now reached Jupiter level. My goal is to get at least five distributors under me this first year. I would also like to guide an organization. And besides, I have decided to in two years I will take the stage to give a presentation. What I especially like about Beyuna is the positive atmosphere. There is no competition, only cooperation. And of course I think the supplements are fantastic. I am really looking forward to my adventure at Beyuna.

Incentive winners announced!

September, October and November

The incentive months are over and the winners are announced. Congratulations to the incentive winners and the new Jupiters! You are invited at Paul & Els' place in Zwaanshoek on 16 December for a surprise event...

These are the winners

Birgit & Jaap Wagensveld

Ria van Kleef & Jos de Jong

Dennis & Lotte Verhoeven

Joep & Ineke Mathot

Lisette Timmermans

Joost & Liz Boers

Linda Vandenberghe & Danny Benoot

Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

Desiree & Wibi Muljono

Epke & Klaas de Poel

Ellen & Leon Adriaanse

Ingrid de Rover & Marc Paats

Erica Pool & Patrick Meure

Ingrid van der Kuijl

Elles van Paassen

Renee van Ganswijk

Karin Lepelaars & G de Haas

Sonja Serlui

Vanessa Mambi

The new Jupiters

Annet Groen & Jerry Groen

Erna de Graaf & Marcel de Graaf

Astrid Spruit & Peter Spruit

Alfonso Mastropietro

Ellen van der Laan & Johan van der Laan

Rik Heijink

Linda Gruber & Fabian Probert

Marleen Molenaar

Diana & Harvey Esajas


The new incentive

starts immediately

In the months of December, January and February a total of 9000cv must be achieved with a minimum of 2000cv per month and a registered distributor at a minimum Mercury level purchasing 1500cv directly from Beyuna. Good luck!