Newsletter April

We are still still reminiscing about our online Zoom party in honor of our 7th anniversary last Friday. Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm! Congratulations again to the award winners! Also in this newsletter the incentive competitors and a testimonial from Erica Pool. We wish everyone a lovely Easter weekend!

Beyuna's 7 year anniversary: what a party!

Every year we celebrate our anniversary with a grand event: a 2 Day College with gala party! Last year, our 6-year anniversary was canceled at the very last minute, so we looked for a different format this year - and that was a great success! Last Friday we celebrated Beyuna’s 7th anniversary in a unique way, with an online party via Zoom with 100 participating screens and more than 200 people! It was an unforgettable (online) event! View the photos on Facebook , the after movie will follow soon!

Award winners

Every year Beyuna organizes an award ceremony among its most successful distributors. During our 7 year anniversary celebration, we presented the awards to the Top 5 Earners and the Top 5 Sales! Check out the photos of the lucky winners on Facebook

These are the top Earners of 2020: 1. Sonja Serlui

  1. Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

  2. Hans Peter Dijkhuizen & Arina van Helden

  3. Marianne & Gert-Jan Coumou

  4. Erica Pool

The top Sales of 2020:

  1. Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

  2. Epke & Klaas de Poel

  3. Joep & Ineke Mathot

  4. Birgit & Jaap van Wagensveld

  5. Linda Gruber & Fabian Probert

Opportunity meeting livestreams UAE & Germany

Thursday April 15 & 29

Extra opportunity meeting live streams are broadcast every two weeks with a focus on the United Arab Emirates and Germany. The next opportunity meetings are on the agenda next Thursday and everyone can join them, invite your prospect via Cloud Office ( .

News updates

View April's livestream overview in Cloud Office or go to the agenda

Internationale livestreams

DST started last weekend. Please note, the English opportunity meeting on Thursday shifts one hour from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. See below for an overview of this month's international live streams.

Thursday April 15 | Opportunity meeting (EN) | 5.00 PM CEST

Thursday April 15 | Opportunity meeting (DE) | 7.30 PM CEST

Sunday April 18 | Opportunity meeting (EN) |19.00 PM CEST

Thursday April 29 | Opportunity meeting (EN) | 5.00 PM CEST

Thursday April 29 | Opportunity meeting (DE) | 7.30 PM CEST

Opportunity meeting

live stream 18th of April

Every other week there will be an English opportunity meeting livestream on Sunday. The next one is scheduled on Sunday 18 April 7.00 PM CEST. You can invite guests via the Cloud Office. They will receive a link in their inbox with a link to the stream.

Testimonial: Erica Pool

"Just at that well-known crossroads in my life, I was asked to take a look at a new business. Because with a man who regularly spent months abroad for work and my youngest at the age of one year old, I wanted something different for myself. Cynthia (Hermans) knew that!

With my Japanese background, the choice quickly became a career in business, continue to grow and getting more and more responsibilities. Whether that was fun? Certainly! But did I want that forever? And how to combine with a family? I am happy that I was open to looking at various business models and I am grateful that Beyuna gave me the opportunity to travel and work with people from various backgrounds, whom I choose myself. And what a cool team I have already put together in a short time! Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the United Kingdom, Phuket, Dubai ... and more to come.

I founded the Lifestyle Business Club with more than 9,500 businesswomen and I see how many entrepreneurs are looking for a plan B. What I have been able to realize so far by building something for now and for the future, ensures that I can also offer this with a lot of passion to those who, like me, are at that crossroads in their lives."

Incentive March, April & May

In the months of March, April and May, a total of 12,000 PGV (qv) must be achieved, with a minimum of 3,000 PGV (qv) per month and a registered distributor at a minimum Mercury level who has purchased 3,000 qv directly from Beyuna.

These distributors are still in the race:

Anjo van Lieshout

Angelique & Mervin Hubers

Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

Gerdina Tamminga

Linda Vandenberghe & Benny Benoot

Naci Tuyluce

Ingrid de Rover & Marc Paats

Sandra & Maikel Deira

Linda Gruber & Fabian Probert

Lisette Timmermans

Alfonso Mastropietro

Wendy Kartoredjo

Marga de Wit

Sonja Serlui

Marianne & Gert-Jan Coumou

Yvonne Winter-Roose

Greg & Joy Chudacoff

Hans Peter Dijkhuizen & Arina van Helden

Dennis & Lotte Verhoeven

Selina Nouwt & Bart van Kralingen

Christiaan van Staveren

Pepper Stewart

Carla & Mirte Boone

Ellen & Leon Adriaanse

Laura & Ben Meijland

Karin Lepelaars & Gerrit de Haas

Mia & Adrie Kuzee

Belkis Gutierrez

Joost & Liz Boers

Eric & Edith Meelhuysen

Jan Nijhof

Astrid & Peter Spruit

Nikkie Elfers & Kees-Jan Avis

Henk & Karin Sloot

Anouk Boering

Ingrid van der Kuijl

Vanessa Mambi

Henk Klein Hesselink & Ellen Bauhaus

Joep & Ineke Mathot

Loekie & Tom Waaldijk

Omni Vita

Wilfred Uleman

Ria van Kleef & Jos de Jong

Erica Pool

Epke & Klaas de Poel

Janine Harshagen

Year incentive

Beyuna is introducing an annual incentive from 1 March. How do you qualify? A total turnover of 100,000 PGV (qv) in 12 months in the period March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

Good luck!