Newsletter September

Dear distributor,

Autumn is coming! A new season is also a great opportunity for a reset. Look back at your goals and evaluate whether you are on the right track with your company. The absolute best day this month is the Beyuna college on 28 September. We are really looking forward to it and have many new developments that we are proud to present and launch this day. Will we see you there?

Beyuna College

The count down to the Beyuna college has begun, only three weeks left. It promises to be an amazing day! During the college we will present new developments, including an updated app, the start of e-learning and ... we are launching a new product! There will also be a training and afterwards we will end the day together with a drink. Order your tickets to make sure you don't miss this event! Tickets include lunch, unlimited coffee and tea and a drink afterwards.

Distributor ticket

Price for distributors is £63,68 / €75,-.

Guest ticket

Guest tickets are available £42,46 / €50,-.

Please login to your account to see the tickets.

Testimonial: Olaf Langens

My name is Olaf Langens, I’m 22 years old and a fanatic handball player. Since this year we play at Eredivisie level, which is of course super nice. We travel all over the country on Saturday evening for one competition. In addition, I also train three times a week and when it suits me I do fitness. I dare to say that, partly thanks to the Power of Beyuna, I have had a nice share in the promotion to the Eredivisie.

I am currently finishing my education in Communication and Multimedia Design at the HAN in Arnhem. I also started my own business together with two friends.

My Beyuna adventure started slowly, but it has been a lot better since I started working together with my girlfriend. I would therefore recommend everyone to involve your partner in the Beyuna adventure! We complement each other at times when one person finds it a bit more difficult than the other. This is not only very fun and educational, but also very positive for the relationship!

The first time I was at a Beyuna meeting I noticed how genuine and friendly everyone was. I hadn’t experienced this before and it was very nice, because you can share a lot with each other and be honest. My goal is to live together with my girlfriend in a beautiful detached house and another goal is that working is not a must, but something I like and enjoy doing.

Winners announced!

Incentive June - July - August

The incentive months are over and the winners are announced. Congratulations to everyone who has made the incentive and welcome to the new Jupiters! The Incentive winners will experience a MINI Driving Experience on 19 September 2019.

For the incentive in December, a total of 9000cv must be achieved in the months of September, October and November with a minimum of 2000cv per month and a registered distributor at a minimum Mercury level purchasing 1500cv directly from Beyuna.

The winners are:

Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

Iris Jegen & Rik Heijink

Joost & Liz Boers

Dennis & Lotte Verhoeven

Marianne & Gert-Jan Coumou

Belkis Gutierrez

Sonja Serluï

Vanessa Mambi

Henk Klein Hesselink & Ellen Bauhuis

Ingrid van der Kuijl

The new Jupiters are also invited:

Karin Vermeer & Marcel Looman

Odalies & Wim van den Manacker

Elles van Paasen

Congratulations everyone!