Newsletter March

March is Beyuna's birthday month and therefore our favorite month of the year! On Friday evening, March 26, we will be hosting an online party for our 7-year anniversary. Also in this newsletter: the incentive winners, the new incentive rules plus an annual incentive, and a testimonial from Pepper Stewart!

Beyuna 7 year anniversary

Beyuna's 7th anniversary is approaching and we would like to celebrate together with you. How? By means of a digital party on Friday March 26, and we would love it if you are there. The more the merrier! We look back on the past years and look ahead to what lies ahead. Awards are also presented for the Top Sales and Top Earners. Do you party with us? Register via Cloud Office or click on the button below.

Opportunity meeting livestreams UAE & Germany

Thursday March 4

Last month we kicked off with the very first opportunity meeting livestream in English for the United Arab Emirates followed by a German-language opportunity meeting. The English meeting is for all English-speaking distributors and their guests from all over the world. These opportunity meetings will be streamed every two weeks. The next opportunity meetings are scheduled this Thursday and everyone can join them, invite your prospect via Cloud Office ( or click on the images above!

News updates

Select a language

From now on, when you invite someone to a live stream in Cloud Office, you will be asked to select a language. Choose the language of the guest/prospect, this way they will receive an invitation to the stream (by e-mail) in the correct language. The language of the live stream is predetermined.

License UAE

We have gotten some questions about the licenses required in the United Arab Emirates. The licenses can be found in Cloud Office -> Marketing -> UAE -> English -> UAE License.

Pay renewal

As a distributor you pay an annual contribution for your account. From one month before the end of the year you will be informed by e-mail that you can pay for your renewal. When you log in to your account you will also see a notification.

Opportunity meeting live stream 7th of March

Every other week there will be an English opportunity meeting livestream on Sunday. The next one is scheduled on Sunday 7 March 7.00 PM CET. You can invite guests via the Cloud Office. They will receive a link in their inbox with a link to the stream. The next livestream is scheduled on March 21th!

Testimonial: Pepper Stewart

"My name is Pepper Stewart and I’m a doctor of Osteopathic and Functional Medicine. I own and operate two successful clinics in the heart of London and was introduced to Beyuna seven years ago when I was living in Amsterdam.

What impressed me, was the supreme quality of the products, paired with a great business plan and awesome people. I joined and have never looked back.

Beyuna is a vital part of my clinics and my patients enjoy the many benefits the supplements bring them. And speaking from a business point of view; Beyuna offers not only an amazing range of products but also a great opportunity to build direct and residual income.

Since the beginning, I have been able to enjoy the freedom of having an online business, and the fact that Beyuna is multinational allows me to have business partners and clients all over the world. I get bored easily and need variety and Beyuna offers that. I absolutely love the company and all it represents and will never quit, but rather conquer the world to spread the word about Beyuna."

Winners incentive December, January & February

The incentive months are over and we will announce the winners below. Congratulations to everyone who passed the incentive and welcome new Jupiters! Due to the current measures and the curfew, unfortunately no incentive event is currently planned.

And the winners are:

Linda Gruber & F.P.C. Probert

Erica Pool & Patrick Meure

Laura van Schelt & Rob de Ruiter

Pepper Stewart

Epke & Klaas de Poel

Ingrid de Rover & Marc Paats

Joep & Ineke Mathot

Ellen & Leon Adriaanse

Lisette Timmermans

Yvonne Winter-Roose

Marianne & Gert-Jan Coumou

Renee van Ganswijk

Belkis Gutierrez

Sonja Serlui

Wilfred Uleman

The new Jupiters:

Pauline Hartman

Diana van Rijn

Mariette Bertleff

Angelica Kavouni

Lisa van Roode

Christa Zwier & Rene Niemeijer


New incentive rules

Quarterly incentive (March, April & May)

In the months of March, April and May, a total of 12,000 PGV (qv) must be achieved, with a minimum of 3,000 PGV (qv) per month and a registered distributor at a minimum Mercury level who has purchased 3,000 qv directly from Beyuna.

Annual incentive (new!)

Beyuna is introducing an annual incentive from 1 March. How do you qualify? A total turnover of 100,000 PGV (qv) in 12 months in the period March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

Good luck!