Newsletter July

Dear distributor,

The incentive period was closed and the winners joined the RIB experience on a powerboat, going at 80 km/hour over the water in Rotterdam! The day ended with a delicious dinner at the hotel New York. A number of photos taken on the day appear in this newsletter.

This newsletter also comes with lots of news from head office, so read it carefully!

News from head office

  • Since we have various redesigned products, a new product brochure has been produced and printed. The English, German and American folders can be found in Cloud Office under the heading Marketing Content so that you can print them off yourself.

  • Presentations such as opportunity meetings or product meetings are constantly updated with new slides, so make sure you always download the presentation again from the Cloud Office before giving a training course.

  • As a distributor, you may not offer your products on websites such as Amazon,, Marktplaats, Alibaba or other web stores.

Testimonial: Selina Nouwt

With my background as a physiotherapist, I’m used to talking one-to-one with people about physical as well as mental complaints. Two years ago, I was looking for more. I wanted to do more for people than simply combating symptoms. Searching for the complete health package, I came across Beyuna.

As a physiotherapist I am constantly working on recovery and I found that using natural supplements to supplement your diet is essential for recovery as well as prevention. For some time, I’ve noticed resistance to the subject of “natural supplements”. I wonder if it’s ignorance, the belief that everything is like it was years ago or if other factors play a role, such as the influences from above? Anyway, I noticed that I found it difficult to bring this topic up with people, but all that has changed.

This year we were at the HealthyFest with our team. Different people with different mindsets and from different walks of life. Working together to share our common vision with other people.

I was coached and guided to step out of my comfort zone. “How many people will you approach?” I was asked to which I replied "Nobody, I'll just take a look". We then created a time and a goal to take to the field. And I did so. In retrospect it was not that difficult at all and I created my own thresholds. A lesson for next time.

For me, HealthyFest stands for team building, development, mutual learning and fun.

Thank you and see you next year.

Discount on Beyuna accessories

Did you know that all Beyuna accessories are now on special offer? Products such as the Beyuna water bottle, Beyuna beach towel, Beyuna sports bag or Beyuna coolbag are now in the sale with 50% off!

The Beyuna coolbag is particularly useful for storing your supplements when the temperatures are high, if you bring them along with you on the road!

Introducing: Bas Gebbink

Hi! I am Bas Gebbink, I am 16 years old and live in Zwaanshoek, I have a sister Senna aged 20 and a brother Rick aged 27. I’ve just passed my final exams at secondary school and will be going to Mediacollege Amsterdam to do an audiovisual course next academic year. I recently started working at the Beyuna Academy on Saturdays and I’m responsible for the sound and creating the Energy. I will also be assisting Winfried in making videos for Beyuna.