Newsletter January 2019

Dear distributor,

First of all, best wishes from Beyuna! We hope you had a happy New Year. On Friday 11 January, we will be having New Year’s drinks in the Van der Valk Hotel in Apeldoorn. You are cordially invited to toast the New Year with us. More information can be found in this newsletter.

There is also another Paul Gebbink day in the diary for Friday 11 January. Don’t forget to buy an early bird ticket for the 2 Day College on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March. Take advantage of the early booking discount by 1 February 2019. We will be celebrating Beyuna’s 5th anniversary with a big gala party and a performance by soul singer Berget Lewis!

Also in this newsletter: the testimonial of Jolanda Konermann and Carolien Wegman and all the dates of the incentives this year.

Testimonial: Jolanda Konermann & Carolien Wegman

“We came across Beyuna over two years ago through the love we have for our job as care workers. The reason was that one of our clients had a very large wound. These wounds normally do heal, but healing takes a long time and requires intensive treatment twice a day, alongside a healthy lifestyle. With this client, the healing process miraculously progressed quickly in the right direction. Thanks to Beyuna’s extra supplements, the wound was virtually healed after just six months, rather than taking 12 to 18 months to heal, as predicted. Our client got her life back much earlier than expected. The result was amazing. This set Carolien and myself thinking.

Two years ago I (Jolanda) got the opportunity to join Beyuna and I was able to experience what the supplements could do for me. Carolien became my client and last November we each decided to become Jupiter.

What we want is to contribute to a healthy society, be financially independent and secure our pensions. Our wish is to motivate our neighbours and our new contacts to be as enthusiastic as we are, so that together we can create a healthier and more sustainable world at all levels. And finally: our big thanks to our friends at Beyuna for placing these fantastic products on the market!

We wish everyone a happy, successful and healthy 2019!

Carolien and Jolanda”