Newsletter August

Dear distributor,

Do you already have your ticket for the 2 Day College? This event is an excellent opportunity to get to know Beyuna as a company, to discover the latest developments, and above all to grow as a team. Take a look at the aftermovie to see what the last college was like.

In this newsletter, we have a testimonial from Morry who recently got started as a distributer with Beyuna. The Cloud Office now has a guide to making your own stickers. There is more information below.

We hope everyone has a great summer break!

What distributors say about the Beyuna 2 Day College:

Veronika Simonnet: ‘A boost of energy for me and our business. We get all the latest news, inspiring training sessions, lots of varied information about where Beyuna is at just now and what their plans are. For me, these were two days of meeting enthusiastic colleagues and being happy that I’ve committed to Beyuna. I also think it’s great that I can speak to people from the head office personally. The company is a unified network.’

Leon Adriaanse: ‘For me, the Beyuna 2 Day College is always a great opportunity to strengthen my knowledge and skills. I get feedback and tools to run my business better. I wouldn’t want to miss these days.’

Iris Jegen: ‘After the college days in April, everything just fell into place. The atmosphere, talks and trainings lit a spark in me, and I could see so clearly what steps I had to take to make my business my own. My partner Rik and I started with Beyuna in February 2018, and since May our business has gone into overdrive. We’ve introduced new business partners, and our turnover has grown from 200 euro to 2000 euro per month. I’ve had tickets for the next college in September at home for a while now, and I can hardly wait to go with by business partners so we can continue to grow as a group.’

Carla Thierry: ‘For me, Beyuna is a way of life in which freedom, quality of life and independence take centre stage. At the two-day Beyuna college, the various aspects necessary for this are nurtured. As well as the programme on offer, feeling like you’re part of something bigger, or a member of the Beyuna family, gives me so much energy from these colleges. I’m looking forward to it already, and I hope to meet a lot of colleagues again.’

Testimonial Morry Krispijn

After my friend Vanessa had ben ‘bugging’ me for a while, I decided to (finally) get involved with Beyuna. Vanessa told me I just had to get to know Beyuna; the products, and the business model. After talking to the owner, Paul Gebbink, I was swept up.

I told him that I saw a lot of opportunity for high-quality food supplements in the world of dancing, as dancers often get injured, and that I’d like to do a little work. Doing just a little work was a little harder than I expected. I can now safely say that I find Beyuna addictive.

I should add that this is also partly because I began to use the products after I had an accident during a training session where I fractured my sternum. The doctor who treated me told me it would take around 3 months to heal. I’m now allergic to doctors who make predictions! After just two weeks, I was no longer in pain thanks to a combination of CBD and FLX.

A few words on the business:

If a lot of people around me are warning me that network marketing won’t work, or that food supplements in MLM won’t work, there’s an immediate pressure to prove them wrong. A bit like with the doctor I mentioned earlier.

It’s true that with network marketing you have to be resilient. Most people who’ve come into contact with network marketing don’t have much experience with it. I say, so what. For me, that’s part of the challenge. Every NO is a step towards a YES.

We wish Morry every success with his business.

Create your own Beyuna stickers!

Do you want to create your own stickers, for leaflets or supplement bottles? Under the Marketing Content tab of the Cloud Office, you’ll now find a guide to creating your own stickers. This allows prospects who’ve received a sample or leaflet from you to get in touch quickly.