Not only women, but also men want to shape their body. They try hard to reach their dreamed body shape through regular work out and a strict diet. Jefit is the best app to stay motivated and inspired when you work on shaping your body. The main offers 4 different programs: routine, exercises, logs, and stats. The app provides the largest databases of all fitness exercises (around 1300 exercises) suitable for body builders to regular gym goers. The exercises are categorized according to the body part so that users can easily choose and focus on exercising their part of body.

Jefit record and analyze your training progress through a report as well as on your log calendar so that you can see the type of exercises and the total weight you did on previous workouts. The app motivates and inspires you through an active Jefit community. You can share and compare your workout progress with friends or other Jefit members. Currently, the app is available for iOS & Android users and offers 3 different versions: Free, Pro ($4.99 per one time), and Elite ($ 4.99 per month or $29.00 per year).