Interview Ina Koolhaas

Super-granny Ina (71 years old) wins World Powerlifting Championship

You cannot get away from it - Ina Koolhaas Lapel, also known as 'Super-granny Ina', became world powerlifting champion in her class at the age of 71. She lifted no less than 133 kg from the ground in a deadlift. A fantastic achievement! Ina is also a Beyuna distributor and uses all Beyuna supplements. We asked her a number of questions about her preparation.

How did you come to take up powerlifting?

My journey started with registering at a gym with the sole purpose of getting fit and staying fit. Here I met Jinga Gosschalk (also a Beyuna distributor and former basketball professional), my current personal trainer. She introduced me to the world of CrossFit and powerlifting. Who could have thought that this would lead to something that no one would ever have thought possible? After successfully taking part in the Reebok CrossFit Open, Jinga had registered me for a powerlifting competition. After winning the Dutch Championship, I was invited to the World Championship in Calgary, Canada.

Powerlifting is a fitness discipline consisting of 3 exercises, the squat, bench press and deadlift, which involves lifting the maximum possible weight in 3 attempts.

What did your preparation entail?

I trained five times a week in the gym in preparation. I was actually CrossFit trained. CrossFit is a combination of cardio, power training and gymnastic exercises. This ensures that I am top fit. It was important that I maintained my weight, not too heavy and certainly not too light, then you can lose strength. Plenty of rest and sleep is good for recovery. In addition, keeping my mind clear and especially having confidence in yourself and your coach.

What role has diet played in preparing you optimally for your competition?

Nutrition played an optimal role in allowing me to perform for the World Championship. Eating regularly with a healthy diet such as slow-release carbohydrates, sufficient protein and sufficient variety in salads and vegetables. And of course drinking plenty, water supplemented with Beyuna Energy. During training I took more Beyuna Energy and I took about 4 to 8 Beyuna Power pills. You can then dig very deep. I also went to the Freezlab about 4 to 5 times a week. Cryotherapy, so you recover faster. And, last but not least, at least once a week I underwent Thai massage. Indispensable for elite sport.

Which Beyuna products do you use and why?

I use all Beyuna supplements because they make me feel very good and energetic My family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure. Some things are genetic, therefore you have to take good care of your body.

Now that the World Championship is over, what are your goals now?

Now that the World Championship is over, I am already in full training for the CrossFit Open in February and the World Powerlifting Championship next year. I realised this World Championship in Calgary what a winning team Jinga and I are. She also became a Beyuna distributor years ago and immediately saw the potential of Beyuna's nutritional supplements. As of September she will be opening her own CrossFit box with a companion where Beyuna will also have a prominent place.

What would you like to say to others to motivate them to start?

Move, go cycling, go for a walk, go for a swim, go to the gym, but do something. You do not have to do it at top level. 1 in 3 people will experience dementia. There has been shown to be a link to a lack of exercise. When you exercise, all kinds of substances are produced. It makes you happier and you have less time to worry. Our diet can also be slightly lacking, so take the right supplements to top up. Watch what you eat and drink. There are no guarantees, but it is still very nice to grow old in reasonable health.