Instagram is a leading social-photo app that are connected with several social media like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram allows you to post pictures and short videos of your precious moments. The interface is user friendly and easy to used. When you want to post pictures, you just need to snap a photo by tapping the big camera button at bottom center, and pressing a finger on the screen focuses the camera on the area under it. The real power tools come when you tap the Edit icon. This reveals choices for honest-to-goodness image adjustments, including brightness, contrast, color temperature, saturation, highlights, shadows, and sharpening. Instagram's effect filters range from simple B&W to retro film styles.

Instagram users are spoiled with the 60-second of video shooting feature. You just need to hold the center button to start recording and release to stop. Instagram lets you change the focus and exposure of your video by tapping the screen, even while shooting. In the past, videos were limited to their own set of filters, but now any filter can be applied to a photo or video. With video, the filters are tricky to tell apart at first, and tricky to use, since differences in lighting conditions can completely change the filter's character. One scene we shot in full sunlight looked great, but a dark scene in the same filter looked overexposed and oddly colored. In the end, you can only choose one filter for the entire video.

If you choose a photo from the Camera roll or your own picture gallery (normally rectangular size), it will be shown as a square image on Instagram. After you are done preparing the picture, you get the options on how and where to share. You get a choice of sharing to any combination of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Swarm, besides your Instagram account. You can also tag other Instagram user. Instagram app is free and available for Android and iOS users. Follow the official Instagram of Beyuna and Zoya for Beyuna on: @beyunanl & @zoyanl