FitStar Yoga

Technology companies are clearly fascinated with fitness and health these days. As technology starts pushing us to be healthier and fitter, some apps are even trying to replace the personal trainer or the gym entirely. That is the idea behind FitStar Yoga - practice yoga anytime, anywhere. FitStar Yoga supports your yoga training through HD videos designed by professional yoga guru, Tara Stiles. The purpose of every yoga movement on this app is to help you lose weight, increase flexibility, build strength, and reduce stress.

Yoga doesn't need to be intimidating, therefore FitStar Yoga is designed for everyone, from beginner to expert yogis. The FitStar team and Stiles have put together around 300 yoga poses, which is divided into two kinds of sessions: Personalized and Freestyle. The Personalized workouts take into account your yoga level, including how you have rated challenging poses on your previous sessions. Besides, users can design their own yoga flow or choose from a series of eight custom made freestyle sessions, including a 20-minute relaxation session called 'Before Bedtime', and another 15-minutes flexibility workout called 'The Flexible 15'. Meanwhile, the Freestyle focuses on popular themes like hips, core, balance, and before bed.

FitStar Yoga is only available for iOS users for free. The free version provides a 20-minute personalized yoga session per week, plus access to one Freestyle session of your choice. You can upgrade it to the premium level, which costs $7,99 per months or $39,99 for a year. The premium version features an unlimited access to everything, plus the ability to customize your Personalized sessions by changing the duration and intensity to fit your schedule. In addition, the app allows you to share your yoga activities on your Facebook and Twitter.