The Fit Men Cook App focuses on easy, fast, healthy and affordable food. The app is aimed at sharing recipes that help users to feel fit and healthy, in combination with sports.

The app was created by Kevin Curry, who wanted to change his lifestyle and lose weight. At first he thought he could continue to eat the same food as long as he played sport, but he soon found out that this didn?t work. He therefore decided to focus fully on food and adjust his diet. He initially shared the recipes he devised on his blog, but he has now put them all into one convenient app. All recipes in the app must satisfy three rules, namely: the recipes must be easy to prepare (preferably in advance), affordable and the meals must always look appetising and taste good.

The app has some very useful options, which has made it very popular among users. For example, you can use the app to create a shopping list that can be adjusted for the number of people dining and the shopping list can even be arranged based on how your supermarket is organised. Each recipe lists the precise nutritional values and the macros and this can be linked to your Apple Health App. Each recipe also has a video showing how the recipe should be prepared to make it easier for the user.

The app is easy to use for everyone and there are even meal plans that you can personalise. If you enter your details you will receive a 10-week diet plan. This makes healthy eating and weight loss affordable and easy for everyone.

The app is available for Android and iPhone.