Ecosia is the green search engine that aims to combat climate change. With Ecosia you plant trees with your searches. It works like this: just like other search engines, Ecosia makes money showing search ads. The big difference is that Ecosia uses the yields to plant trees where people and nature need them most.

Plant trees while you search

Ecosia gives internet users the opportunity to do good. By surfing the web with Ecosia, you support tree planting projects and contribute to combating climate change. The Ecosia community plants millions of trees around the world every month in the places where biodiversity is most threatened. The more people use Ecosia, the more trees they can plant. It's that easy!

Search the web, help the planet

Ecosia offers a fast and safe search experience. To gain the trust of the users, they are transparent and publish the financial reports and tree planting reports on the website every month. Thanks to Ecosia's own solar power plant and the forests they have planted all over the world, you are currently extracting 1kg of CO2 from the air with every search.

Set Ecosia as homepage or download the app from Apple Store or Google Play.

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