In The Netherlands, everyone cycles. Cycling in The Netherlands is a revelation. In fact, every year, the Dutch people pedal about 15 billion kilometers and about 14 million journeys are made by bike every day. Cycling is a cheap and healthy exercise, yet good for environment.

Cyclemeter is the most advanced application for cyclists ever designed for Apple device. The idea behind this app is to replace US$300 bike computer with a $5 application. The app integrates maps for navigational duties and can be customised in many ways, including providing audio alerts so that you can focus on riding bicycle.

Cyclemeter is free and specially built for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The app has a rich core features like ride time, distance, average speed, high speed, ascent, calories burned, intervals and zones, just for starters.

For the advanced features, an Elite subscription upgrade is required. The Elite subscription upgrade unlocks a number of premium features: history dashboards (view charts for your workouts), weather recording (log the current weather conditions for every workout), and Google Maps integration (including terrain and traffic maps).