Bee Leader

The bee population all over the world is declining rapidly in recent years. This is a serious matter. A lot of people especially social organizations concern about the bee problems. The bees are having difficult time and critically needs us. Surprisingly, a small insect has a lot of obstacles that try to impede its progress in hunting nectar.

Learning to save the bees can be a fun thing to do through this fun game, Bee Leader. This app tells a day in the life of a bee. You will play as the bee and you need to fly around the world and hover over flowers to collect all the nectar in order to fill up your hive's quota and get the highest score possible. Collect as much nectar as you can before the sun sets. The faster you get nectar back to your hive the more honey you'll make! Pick up plenty of bonuses along the way : nectar, honey, time, and bee buddies.

The more bee buddies (little bees) you find, the more nectar you'll collect. More nectar means more honey - sweet! Collect honey and fly to different worlds: Just Desert, Country Life, City Heights and Island Time in order to climb up the app rank. Each world has different obstacles, enemies, flowers, bonuses to break open and other fun interactive goodies. Some worlds are small, others are big, and there's a few surprises along the way. Control your bee by hovering over. Watch out the enemies, bad weather and other obstacles.

The layout of Bee Leader is well-designed and very attractive to learn a life of bee. Bee Leader is for free and available for Android and iOS users.