Naked Manicure Rescue & Repair

Naked Manicure Rescue & Repair

The first ever micronized nail treatment for strong, healthy-looking nails is made from natural oils, fibers & fillers, and pH conditioners to be rubbed directly into the nails and sealed with a clear nail polish. It mimics the nail's natural sebum to reinforce the strength and flexibility of the nail's keratin fibers, so you can lock in the benefits up until your next manicure change. See and feel the difference in your nails with increased polish wear.

So, if you need a solution for nails that are damaged, breaking, peeling, or need to recover after years of gels or acrylics, consider yourself lucky! The Naked Manicure Rescue Repair will stop your nails from being sucky!

How it works

Under a microscope, your nails are a network of interlocking layers of keratin. Healthy-looking nails have tighter, more symmetric layers. This creates a stronger, more flexible nail and substantially increases polish wear.

Rescue Serum fills in the peaks and valleys between the keratin layers, strengthens the bond and improves the condition of the nail. By sealing in the Rescue Serum with a layer of Repair Base, you seal in the treatment and strengthening benefits for as long as the Repair Base is on your nails. This new, improved surface dramatically extends polish wear and improves appearance. Your nails will immediately look better and strengthen over time as you keep using the system.

Rescue Serum

A unique serum that mimics the natural nail’s hydration mechanism to repair damaged keratin. It improves nail strength and flexibility as it is worn as a cushion underneath the Repair Base.

Repair Base

A groundbreaking formula that adheres to the nail plate and locks the Rescue Serum into the nail’s keratin layers. Invisible fillers strengthen the nail and smooth out uneven ridges, flaking and separation.

€ 64.11

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